Compensation increases for top GCs

General counsel in the Fortune 1000 are earning more than they were last year, according to Equilar's 2012 "In-Depth Top General Counsel Compensation Report", which examined pay packages among 404 general counsel in the Fortune 1000. According to the report, median total compensation for GCs increased by 2.4 percent to $1,409,982 in the past 12 months. Those working in the technology, media, and telecom industries out-earned their peers in other sectors, with a median compensation package of $1,679,000 per annum, while at the other end of the scale the median compensation for general counsel at retail and consumer companies was $1,146,000. Higher pay generally went to GCs that reported to the CEO, and who had a long tenure at their company. Female GCs earned slightly more in the Fortune 500 than their male counterparts: men earned a median total compensation of $1,111,578, while women took in a median of $1,285,063.

Compensation increases for top GCs Wed, Nov 14, 2012