Study ranks Australian law firms by gender profile

A new study of Australian law firms has documented the gender profiles of 41 law firms. The data, published by the Women Lawyers’ Association of New South Wales, is intended to to assist female lawyers in making decisions about their employment options, and to promote debate about the advancement of women in the profession. Chris Lovell, the managing partner at Holding Redlich, said the information will be useful to ambitious women in the legal profession: “Although I don’t think the data is the only factor lawyers should be taking into account - obviously the quality of work on offer and the quality of the firm being just as important - the fact a firm has a lot of female partners does tend to indicate it doesn’t discriminate in handing out work to female partners,”he said. Gilbert + Tobin, TressCox, Lander & Rogers and Holding Redlich led the field when it came to percentage of the partnership that is female.

Study ranks Australian law firms by gender profile Sun, Nov 18, 2012