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Georgia State named 'best value' US law school

Sep 30, 2010 While the recent recession has slowed hiring at many law firms, costs of tuition and costs of living continue to rise. Law students are therefore beginning to look much more carefully at the value offered by law schools.…

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Will an LLM increase your employment prospects?

Sep 23, 2010 The question of whether an LLM increases the employment prospects of graduates is one that has vexed many a young lawyer. And it is important that they find a satisfactory answer if they are to spend the time and money…

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Rankings for best value law schools in the US

Aug 18, 2010 The National Jurist has named the 60 best value law schools in its preLaw magazine. These rankings represent a departure from other lists because they do not focus upon prestige. Instead, schools are tested against four…

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