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US law school to lay off professors

Mar 23, 2014 The dean of US school Appalachian School of Law is laying off law professors as part of a plan to reduce class sizes. Dean Lucy McGough said that the school is seeing a decline in applications, and plans to cut many…

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US summer associate numbers drop

Feb 12, 2013 A new report published by the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) shows a drop in the summer associate recruitment figures in the fall of 2012, continuing a four year trend. The NALP report said: ‘Law…

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At least 10 US law schools cut class sizes

Jun 12, 2012 At least 10 of the US’s roughly 200 law schools are decreasing their class sizes or have plans to do so, according to this article. The schools are eliminating revenue at a time when universities are still struggling…

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