At least 10 US law schools cut class sizes

At least 10 of the US’s roughly 200 law schools are decreasing their class sizes or have plans to do so, according to this article. The schools are eliminating revenue at a time when universities are still struggling through the effects of the recession, in seeming recognition that legal education is in a fairly parlous state. The number of law school applicants dropped by 14 per cent in the past year, and NALP says that employment rates for law graduates are at an 18-year low, with just 86 per cent of graduates securing employment, while less than 66 per cent of those graduates found jobs that required a law license, the lowest rate since the association began collecting the data. The admissions cuts recognise the fact that supply of lawyers currently outstrips demand, and it also allows law schools to maintain the standards for the quality of their student cohort in the face of declining applicant numbers.

At least 10 US law schools cut class sizes Tue, Jun 12, 2012