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What do the law faculty at UCLA earn?

Jun 5, 2013 Above the Law has been investigating the compensation offered to law professors, taking a survey of a number of colleges across the country. Having looked at Texas and Michigan, they now turn their attention to UCLA…

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Compensation increases for top GCs

Nov 14, 2012 General counsel in the Fortune 1000 are earning more than they were last year, according to Equilar's 2012 "In-Depth Top General Counsel Compensation Report", which examined pay packages among 404 general counsel in the…

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What to do with ageing US judges?

Jan 19, 2011 There is an fascinating article in Slate about ageing federal judges in the US. It points out that life tenure, intended to foster judicial independence, was enshrined in the constitution when it was ratified in 1789.…

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