Two Hammonds senior partners hand in notice

Two senior partners at Hammonds have resigned from the firm. Manchester head Jonathan Edwards and construction chief David Moss gave notice last week on once of only two days in the year on which equity partners may resign from the firm. While the next moves for the two departing partners is unknown, the election process to replace them has begun in earnest. Candidates have already come forward, and the results are expected soon. Hammonds managing partner Peter Crossley commented: "We can confirm that Jonathan Edwards and David Moss have resigned from the firm. We wish them well for the future." He added: "With a new office head poised to take the reins in May, we are devising a brand new blueprint for the Manchester office. We believe that the time has come for a change of leadership and direction. We are about to promote three new partners from within our talented ranks in Manchester, and are confident and enthusiastic about the future of the office."

Two Hammonds senior partners hand in notice Tue, Apr 6, 2010