Negligence proceedings against lawyers on the rise

Lawyers are facing more negligence suits than ever before, according to a report released by Reynolds Porter Chamberlain, which indicates that legal proceedings against soliciors increased by 163% in the UK in 2009. 210 claims were launched in the High Court in 2009, compared to 80 in 2008 and 31 in 2007. Reynolds Porter Chamberlain suggests that speculative "no win, no fee" arrangments may be resonsible for the growth in litigation, along with investors who suffered under the faltering economy and are looking for someone to bame. Paul Castellani of Reynolds Porter Chamberlain said "there is always a temptation during a recession when people have suffered losses to look for someone to blame...solicitors represent an easy target and they are seen as having deep pockets".

Negligence proceedings against lawyers on the rise Fri, Jul 16, 2010