Mid-level associates are not happy

September 2, 2010 The American Lawyer has conducted a survey focusing upon mid-level associates, finding that overall satisfaction level is down to the lowest level in six years.

The findings might be surprising, since these lawyers could be considered lucky to have been spared the axe in tough economic conditions as thousands of their colleagues lost their jobs.

In the annual survey of 5,092 mid-level associates (lawyers in their third, fourth, and fifth years of practice), satisfaction fell to its lowest since 2004. The figures can’t be explained by job insecurity –nearly 80 per cent of respondents saying that they were not worried about being laid off, compared to the 2009 survey, where 83 per cent of respondents reported medium to high anxiety about losing their jobs.

Current concerns include compensation, with associates keen to return to pre recession levels of remuneration. Some expressed the view that firms should reinstate benefits and other perks that were slashed during cost-cutting programs.

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