New generation of partners surveyed

The Am Law Daily has hosted a conference for new partners in large law firms. In order to prepare for the conference the publication conducted a survey of about 5,600 new partners from the largest firms in the US, Canada and the UK. They reported that “we found a mostly optimistic group, although one with a healthy and appropriate dose of worry”. On the upside, 61 per cent reported that their new jobs were what they'd expected, and another fifth found their new roles were better than they had anticipated. A majority said they felt prepared for the new role, but only 45 per cent were satisfied with the formal training they received. The new partners were also, according to the report, and anxious lot. They worried about their prospects of attracting new clients, meeting the needs of clients with respect to billing practices, and issues of succession. They also worried about personal issues, finding themselves lonely and isolated after their promotion, facing a very unclear career path without guidance or formal training.

New generation of partners surveyed Sat, Nov 26, 2011