Salaries for Indian graduates double in five years

There is an interesting account – published in The Lawyer – of the dramatic increase in the salaries paid to graduates in top Indian law firms over the past five years. Five years ago, Indian law firm Trilegal paid law graduates around R500,000 per year. Now the firm offers a base package of R1.08m per year, with bonuses taking this up to a potential R1.28m a year. The Mumbai office of AZB & Partners offers the highest base package, at R1.14m, to new graduates. Around five years ago it was closer to R600,000. At Khaitan &Co, graduates earn R1.08m, increasing to up to R1.48m per year with a bonus. In 2006 it was R540,000.  At Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co the 2004 package excluding bonuses was just over R400,000. Now it is R1.05m, and with bonuses this is sometimes advertised to students as reaching almost R1.5m.

Salaries for Indian graduates double in five years Mon, Dec 5, 2011