Integreon launches first LPO facility onshore in the UK

Legal services outsourcing firm Intergreon has launched its first centre in the UK, offering temp paralegal services to clients from its new base in Bristol. The launch is the first of its kind for the firm, which has traditionally based itself in regions with low labour costs, like the Philippines and India. The new launch follows a request from a global client, with some speculating that the company making the request is tech giant Microsoft. Integreon head Janet Taylor-Hall said: “As the delivery of legal services evolves, it’s clear that most law firms and corporate counsel require a mix of on and offshore support. “Although cost is clearly a significant driver in determining the choice of location, there are other forces at play, including ethical and legislative restrictions, familiarity with a client’s legal system, project duration, client comfort with a location, timezone preference and language skills. Some outsourced services are best delivered from an 
onshore facility.”

Integreon launches first LPO facility onshore in the UK Sat, Jan 28, 2012