University of Pennsylvania tops law school ranking

The National Law Journal has ranked the top 50 US law schools based on the percentage of graduates who took jobs in the country’s biggest 250 firms by headcount. Taking first place is the University of Pennsylvania Law School, with 56.93% of 2011 graduates going to the top 250 firms. And the top five schools are rounded out by Northwestern, Columbia, Harvard and Stanford. The survey also included a ranking of schools that provided the best value for money, looking which schools’ graduates went on to associate jobs for the lowest tuition price. Again, University of Pennsylvania Law came out on top, with the highest percentage of graduates going to top 250 firms, while its tuition — at $48,362 — is only the tenth highest. Stanford, Harvard and Northwestern all ended up near the top in the cost-benefit analysis.

University of Pennsylvania tops law school ranking Wed, Feb 29, 2012