Slaughter and May launches diversity initiative for boys only

March 9, 2012 Slaughter and May has announced the launch of a new diversity initiative which focuses on a local state school in an attempt to motivate and encourage bright students to get into top universities. The school in question is Central Foundation Boys' School, which means that this particular diversity initiative is for boys only.

The initiative is called the Key Project. It is initially open to 40 boys aged 13 to 14, who have access to weekly one-to-one tutorials with Slaughters' lawyers to help with school work, careers workshops and with soft skills events organised by the firm. The firm has committed to funding the project for three years, and intends to double the number of participants to 80 by next year.

When Roll on Friday took up the gender issue with the firm, a spokesman explained ‘nervously’ that the Central Foundation School is very close to Slaughters' offices and that the firm has a long history of working with the school (where 70% of pupils are on free school meals). He also pointed to the gender gap in academic attainment especially at GCSE level, where boys tend to do notably worse.


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