Top indian law firms compared: Amarchand & Mangaldas and AZB & Partners

March 15, 2012 Here is an interesting article that makes an account of differences between India's top two corporate law firms: Amarchand & Mangaldas and AZB & Partners. Via these differences, the article gives a little insight into the top end of the legal services industry as it currently exists in India.

First, the matter of lineage: Amarchand is a family-run firm with a 95-year history, while AZB is a 10-year-old partnership between three lawyer-friends. Secondly, Amarchand specialises in government and regulations, while AZB focuses on M&A and international business. Thirdly, the firms have very different structures: Amarchand is bottom heavy, with many fee earners and only a few equity partners, while AZB has a greater balance wbetween the two groups, offering young lawyers an object for their ambition. Fourthly, there is contrast in the operating style of the two firms: at Amarchand discussions are diplomatic and give prominent involvement to the family, while decision making at AZB is undertaken with a more candid approach based on debate.


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