Student debt will reach an average of $210,796 in 2015, says LST

May 16, 2012 Law School Transparency, a group dedicated to improving consumer information concerning the value of legal education, has updated its estimates of the amount of student debt that will be carried by law students, revising the figures upwards after correcting for schools that underreported cost-of-living expenses and the group’s own errors in handling the data from U.S. News & World Report.

The new figures add an additional $15,000 to the estimated cost of a law degree, and anticipate that the class of 2015 will walk away with an average debt of $210,796, while the class of 2016 will be encumbered by an average debt of $216,406.

Law School Transparency pointed to examples of misleading or incorrect reporting to explain its first, incorrect reporting, and in support of the proposition that law schools should be compelled to provide standardised reporting.


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