NY firm pays $574,000 in compensation for age-discrimination

New York law firm Kelley Drye & Warren has agreed to pay $574,000 in compensation to former equity partner Eugene T D’Ablemont, who was forced to give up his equity in the firm when he reached the age of 70 though he continued to work for the firm full-time. Last month the firm agreed to end the end the policy as part of a settlement in proceedings brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and has now agreed to compensate D’Ablemont for significantly underpaying him since he turned 70. “As Kelley Drye has recognized by its policy change, it simply does not make business sense to arbitrarily force out attorneys with the skill and energy to continue to practice law at a high level even though they are over 70 years old,” said Jeffrey Burstein, EEOC trial attorney. “I urge other law firms to assess their retirement policies.”

NY firm pays $574,000 in compensation for age-discrimination hr.blr.com hr.blr.com Thu, May 17, 2012