Indian firm Dhir & Dhir appoints new CEO

Dhir & Dhir Associates has appointed Manju Mohotra as its new CEO, hiring her away from a CEO role at Singhania & Partners. Manju has 14 years of experience managing law firms, though he is not himself a lawyer.   Manju said, “When I joined Singhania & Co., being a non-lawyer, it was not easy. I am talking about 14 years back when the concept of a non-lawyer managing lawyers or law firms did not exist because it is a very typical role when we talk about management which is usually done by family members and promoters.   Talking about her decision to join Dhir & Dhir, Manju said, “The last 12 years have been a good experience working with Ravi Singhania, where I learnt a lot about law and law firm management. We had a good team between Ravi and me with Ravi concentrating on “lawyering” and I taking care of the management. Those 12 years saw huge growth for the firm and for me.   I thought it was time to move on and take on new challenges. Dhir & Dhir is a mid level firm and they plan to take the firm to the next level. Going forward they want to expand their practice in the infrastructure space. So I thought it was a good opportunity for me”.

Indian firm Dhir & Dhir appoints new CEO Thu, Aug 16, 2012