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Partner compensation at US firms jumps 6%

Oct 17, 2012 A new survey shows that partners in US law firms are earning 6 per cent more this year than in 2010 - with average compensation rising from $640,000 in 2010 to $681,000 in 2012. The survey was conducted by legal…

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US judicial salaries rise by 1% per annum

Jul 27, 2012 A new survey shows that judicial salaries in the US are increasing by a mere one per cent annually. The report, put together by the National Center for State Courts, looked at salary data between 2007 and 2012 in all US…

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UK government funds new paralegal training program

Jul 4, 2012 The UK government has announced the launch of a paralegal training scheme that offers students an 18 month course combined with a paid apprenticeship in a law firm. The program will be offered by Pearson, and has the aim…

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