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Cooley Law School set to make mass layoffs

Aug 16, 2014 Reports indicate that Cooley Law School is set to lay off over 50 percent of its faculty of 271 law professors. One angry professor speaking to the Lansing City Pulse had this to say: “We have non-disparagement and…

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Law firms seek fast bucks from M&A suits

Jul 18, 2011 The number of mergers and acquisitions lawsuits filed in 2010 increased by nearly 850% over 2008 figures, according to new reports. M&A suits, which typically claim that investors and shareholders have been unfairly…

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Litigation funding on the up

Nov 16, 2010 The New York Times has reported that investors are looking to litigation for new investment opportunities. They fund a wide range of litigation, from medical malpractice claims, divorce battles and class actions against…

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