Transparency for law school stats?

April 20, 2010 A new not-for-profit organisation called Law School Transparency will allow prospective students to access and compare detailed employment and salary information for graduates from US law schools.

The project is the product of a collaboration between two law students – Patrick Lynch and Kyle McEntee – who felt that the available information was inadequate: oversimplifying the job statistics, focusing upon large high profile legal employers, and allowing law schools to present a distorted image of their graduating classes. According to Lynch, students taking on upwards of $100,000 in student loans should have access to better information about the employment and salary prospects.

The site compiles detailed information about individual graduates, with participating schools reporting employer type, employer name, position name, bar passage requirement, full-time or part-time status, office location, whether the student worked on a law journal and salary for each alumnus nine months after graduation. McEntee and Lynch say that law schools already collect most of this information, although they generally release it in the aggregate and don't break it down by individual.

The duo aims to attract a number of schools to the project, and hopes that others will provide the requested information under pressure from prospective students.


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