Columbia Law School changes its reporting practices in response to criticism

May 3, 2012 Columbia Law School has changed the way it reports employment statistics for it graduates, after critical reportage in The Post last month.

The school has revealed that it had funded 38 out of the 445 jobs that make up its near-perfect post-graduate employment rate. Propping up employment in order to keep the statistics looking good in an increasingly common practice among law schools: NYU Law School funded 38 jobs for the class of 2010, while Fordham Law School funded 73.

And Columbia itself is funding more positions than ever before: the school funded just 9 jobs in 2009 and 10 in 2010.

While Columbia claims that its fellowships support graduates interested in government and public-interest work, many are now asking whether the figures indicate that the industry is unable to absorb the number of graduates produced by the nation’s law schools.


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