New law school rankings weights for employment stats

The National Jurist has published its annual ranking of the Best Value Law Schools. The ranking takes into account the following criteria: tuition (25% of study), cost of living expenses (10%), average indebtedness upon graduation (15%), the percentage of graduates who got a job (35%), and bar passage rates (15%). This year, because of the uproar about transparency in employment statistics, the National Jurist’s rankings include adjusted weights for employment percentages based on 12 different categories, resulting in a drastically different overall ranking for the top 20 schools and beyond. This represents progress, but the rankings are still subject to error, as AboveTheLaw points out, since they include student debt figures that are widely regarded to be false - figures published by law schools trying to artificially boost their image. The top 10 in the National Jurist’s Best Value Law Schools are as follows: 1. University of Alabama 2. Georgia State University 3. Louisiana State University 4. University of Nebraska 5. University of Georgia 6. University of Kentucky 7. University of Montana 8. University of New Mexico 9. University of North Carolina 10. University of Wisconsin

New law school rankings weights for employment stats Tue, Aug 28, 2012