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India invests in arbitration industry

Jul 28, 2012 The arbitration industry in India is undergoing significant growth and professionalisation over the past decade. A 2011 study by Ernst & Young found that 74 percent of respondents (mainly large corporate and leading law…

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UK government funds new paralegal training program

Jul 4, 2012 The UK government has announced the launch of a paralegal training scheme that offers students an 18 month course combined with a paid apprenticeship in a law firm. The program will be offered by Pearson, and has the aim…

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Bloomberg gears up for the legal research market

Nov 23, 2010 Bloomberg has hired nearly 500 lawyers over the past year, making it the largest source of new legal jobs in New York. The company is looking to make its play on $14.5 billion legal research industry, upsetting the…

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