New law school in Indiana reopens debate about oversupply of lawyers

May 19, 2011 A new law school will open in the US state of Indiana 2013, bringing the number of law schools in the State to 5. Plans for the new school, to be launched by Indiana Tech, have reopened the debate about oversupply of lawyers in a tough job market.

Critics suggest that law school saddles graduates with huge debts that many are unable to repay because of the lack of demand for their hard-won skills.

The law school at Indiana Tech will enroll about 100 students, and will charge $28,500 in tuition for the first year of study.

Indiana Tech President Arthur Snyder said that he board of trustees decided to open the school on the assumption that the hiring picture for lawyers will improve along with the economy. He said: “Will there be more jobs? That’s always a consideration. But that’s a challenge for any field.”


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