Debate over the value of law school hits the mainstream

The debate over whether law school provides sufficient value to justify its huge costs – which has intensified as the job market has shrunk in response to global economic pressures – appears to have become a mainstream controversy, with all kinds of people weighing in. William Robinson, president of the American Bar Association, has publicly suggested that unemployed or underemployed law school graduates “should have known what they were getting into,” the New York Times has explored the issue in a series of articles by David Segal, and now the issue is being featured on morning television talk shows. Yesterday the Today Show did a short segment on the law school lawsuits. The show’s panelists Star Jones, Donny Deutsch, and Dr. Nancy Snyderman were unsympathetic to the plaintiffs in the law school lawsuits, with Jones suggesting that the plaintiffs should focus their energies on their job searches rather than blaming others. “No one’s going to hand you a job,” she said. “I hate whiners!”

Debate over the value of law school hits the mainstream Thu, Mar 1, 2012