Law school applications drop while tuition continues to rise

April 13, 2012 Above the Law has run a long campaign to inform prospective law students of the risks they run in investing time and money in a law degree when the job market is in such terrible shape. The news site welcomes the news that there has been a drop in the number of students applying to law school as a sign ‘prospective law students are more in tune with reality’, and have gotten the message.

The question then becomes, does this drop in demand mean that there will be a decline in tuition costs? According to this article, the answer is no. Duke Law School has raised its tuition by four per cent to $50,750 for next year; Northwestern Law raised tuition by three per cent (to keep up with inflation) to $53,168 per year. And while those schools can at least say that they have maintained their position in school rankings, there are reports that schools whose rankings have continuously dropped, like Wake Forest, have raised their tuition by “$4K+ over the last two years.”


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