University of Chicago Law School publishes employment data

December 17, 2011 US law schools have come under fire for a failure to provide sufficient graduate employment data to prospective students. While students continue to enroll in law school in great numbers, there is evidence to indicate that many of them will end up with a large tuition debt and no way to repay it when they graduate.

In a bid to improve transparency University of Chicago Law School has published detailed employment data for 2008-10 on its website.

The data shows that the school had 611 law graduates over these three years, and of that number just 10 were unemployed nine months after finishing. The median salary was $160,000. Fewer graduates from 2010 ended up at law firms than those in prior classes.71.2% of 2010′s class were employed in firms, compared with about 80% for the previous two classes.


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