Three firms investigate global merger

SNR Denton is looking to merge with international firm Salans and Canadian firm Fraser Milner Casgrain. The proposed merger will be put to partners at the end of the month, and - if it goes ahead - will go live in early 2013. The combined firm could be a major force, taking in SNR’s headcount of about 1,250 attorneys, Salans’s team of more than 750, and FMC’s lineup of more than 500 lawyers. SNR Denton posted revenues of $712m in 2011-12, while Salans’ 2011 turnover was $287m. It isn’t clear what FMC’s revenues were last year. As for the leadership of the proposed combined firm, SNR Denton global CEO Elliott Portnoy is being tipped to head the group, while senior Salans figures such as global managing partner Dariusz Oleszczuk and New York-based global board chairman François Chateau are expected to take positions on a senior management committee.

Three firms investigate global merger Thu, Nov 8, 2012