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Han Kun picks new Hong Kong partner firm

May 13, 2016 Beijing-based law firm Han Kun has chosen a new partner firm in Hong Kong. Han Kun will collaborate with firm Miao & Co going forward, following the dissolution of Han Kun's former partner firm, Choy, Cheung & Co, in…

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Never before: foreign firms dwindle in China

Oct 6, 2015 For the first time since mainland China opened its borders to allow foreign firms to enter its markets, the number of foreign firms operating there has dropped. China first opened its borders in 1992. The drop is…

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Chinese firm trials new remuneration

Aug 6, 2015 Chinese firm Jun He, based in Beijing, is embarking on a three-year trial of a new remuneration structure. Jun He was founded in 1989 and since that time has operated on its original lockstep, which was almost completely…

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